About us

We are a creative studio specialized in digital. We develop both branding and websites while offering to enhance your communication through motion design, 3D, and even textiles.

Our goal is simple: to provide essential support to our clients. Beyond the technical aspects, we possess human expertise. Today, it is this expertise that enables us to understand your challenges, support you, and collaborate on future projects together.

We share a passion for communication, particularly in the realm of digital marketing. The scale that this medium is gaining and the resulting dynamism are invigorating for us at Twelvebirds. That's why we are committed to conveying this passion, sometimes by simplifying it, but always by approaching it with pedagogy.


We work with clients located in many regions in France and abroad. We are always available to answer your questions or discuss your new projects. However, we are convinced that human contact remains essential in our professional relationships. That's why we welcome you to our offices located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.
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A communication agency is above all a unique vision. At Twelvebirds, we share this desire for a positive vision of digital transformation. Let's understand the term "positive" in the sense of smooth, without obstacles, like taking flight! Since 2020, we have been supporting companies from various backgrounds and sectors in their digital challenges. We offer a comprehensive range of services, allowing us to adapt to each new project. The complementary profiles that make up our team are our strength. Here, no empty words, we are true specialists and are committed to combining our expertise with unwavering professionalism. While a strategic and technical approach is essential, it's even more important to meet deadlines and commitments.

We offer a 360° support for your digital challenges. Graphic design creation, website development, content production, discover our full range of services! Beyond our know-how and dynamism at Twelvebirds, we emphasize the immersion of our team in your project. We are not mere executors; we are the gears and the springboard you need for your mission.

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